The death hoax concerning actress Betty White has been uncovered for what it was.

Betty White Death Hoax Uncovered

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Betty White Death Hoax Uncovered

The headlines on the EmpireNews website said in bold letters: “Actress Betty White, 92, Dyes Peacefully in Her Los Angeles Home.” Now many people /4/have missed the word “dyes” and confused it with its homonym “dies”. 

This actress has appeared in such famous shows as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland. The fact that she is not a blonde by birth is something which not many know of. 

Betty is a solitary kind of person,” said her long-time manager Jeff Witjas. “She likes to relax in her home with her animals, and she rarely likes to discuss the fact, at least in public, that she is actually a brunette. She has been dyeing her own hair in her home for decades.”

“Betty has often told me she feels it is relaxing and soothing to dye her own hair, peacefully in her home, where she can laugh and enjoy time with her animals. She’s said on more than one occasion that as a blonde, she has had ‘more fun’ in her roles, and in life.”

The nature of the hoax or should we say scam became known when the words were closely examined. The news was rife soon that Betty White who is 92 years of age is currently filming Hot in Cleveland. 

Jeff Witjas told Los Angeles Times that the actress was alive and well and “she is on the set shooting ‘Hot in Cleveland’ right now.”

So she hasn’t given up the ghost just yet. Betty is a strong and brave soul and she won’t be giving up this life without a fight to the finish. The fact that Betty is a brunette and not a blonde comes as somewhat of a surprise though.  

Betty is a loner. She likes to keep to herself. And though this /4/come within the rubric of eccentricity, she probably has her longevity due to this habit of hers. 

“Oh, I started dyeing it ages ago when my color started to fade away to a more whiteish, greyish color,” said Betty White.

“I thought to myself, ‘Well Betty, if you can’t have the dark color anymore, might as well try on the blonde for a while,’ and it just kind of stuck. When I played Rose on Girls, the joke about my natural hair color made it into several episodes. I’ve always had a sense of humor about it.”

Keeping to oneself is not a bad thing provided one is comfortable with one’s solitude. Betty has many pets including macaws and she likes to interact with them on a daily basis. 

The fact is that many animals are better than human beings since they don’t cruelly lash out at you and they provide unconditional and benign companionship. 

Betty concedes that she has more fun on her television shows in the capacity of a blonde. So that’s why she dyes her hair? I guess so! And she began coloring her hair eons ago. 

Her hubby, Allen, died of  stomach cancer in 1981. Betty’s pics with her late husband show her in her brunette phase. She says he loved her dark brown hair. 

“Oh Allen loved my dark hair, but later on, as I started to go grey and my hair lightened, he liked the blonde, too,” said White.

“It would be too much work to go back to that dark hair I used to have. Too much to maintain. Besides, I think a new look like that at my age might frighten my animals. They wouldn’t even recognize me!”

Later on after his death, she decided to revert to the dyed blonde look. Well, Betty has every right to her blonde looks. And we are very glad that the word was “dye” and not “die”. That headline news almost scared many of her diehard fans witless.   



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