Black Friday 2014 Update: First Black Friday Ad, Black Friday iPad Deals

Black Friday 2014 Update: First Black Friday Ad, Black Friday iPad Deals

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Black Friday 2014 is in 41 Days. Here are the latest news and predictions ahead of the big shopping event. Highlights: First Black Friday 2014 Ad is here and first Black Friday 2014 Sale is expected to start in 2 weeks.

Black Friday 2014 is in 41 days, but the first Black Friday sales will already start in 2 weeks if our predictions are correct. Over the last couple of years, Black Friday has become a month-long sales event with multiple special events. As the start of the Black Friday 2014 sales season draws closer quickly we take a look at the latest news and predictions.

The biggest Black Friday 2014 news this week was the release of the first Black Friday 2014 ad. Again the Harbor Freight Black Friday Ad is the first ad that got released. 

There is already a lot of discussion about Black Friday 2014 store opening hours on Thanksgiving Day. Macy’s has already confirmed the launch of Macy’s Black Friday 2014 at 6pm. Based on the earlier Macy’s opeing hour we predict that the Walmart Black Friday 2014 Sale will launch earlier this year. There are more reports now that Black Friday 2014 sales will start earlier on Thanksgiving Day. Last year most Black Friday in-store sales started at 6pm or later on Thanksgiving Day. This year Kmart is reportedly already starting theKmart Black Friday 2014 sale in the morning. See our Black Friday 2014 Store Hours Overview.

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In terms of Black Friday 2014 deal predictions we already looked at the Black Friday Bargain Laptop and the 32-inch Black Friday TV Deals. In the light of the new iPad announcements we are predicting amazing Black Friday 2014 iPad deals. iPads will sell as low as $149 on Black Friday 2014.

More Black Friday 2014 Deal Predictions:

Black Friday 2014 Bargain TV Deals

Below you find a calendar that gives you an overview of the Black Friday 2014 sales events including Cyber Monday 2014. 

The big Black Friday retailers have not yet revealed their detailed Black Friday schedules. It is expected though that yet again sales will start earlier. The biggest change is going to happen on Thanksgiving Day. In-Store Black Friday sales event are predicted to start already in the morning. Last year the mainly started in the early evening of Thanksgiving Day.

We expect the first Black Friday 2014 sale to be offered on October 31st. Why on Halloween? It’s the first before the first November weekend. There will be just a few early Black Friday sales event on that weekend. Most retailers will kick off their early Black Friday sales on 7th of November.

See the Black Friday 2014 Schedule below.

Black Friday 2014 Calendar

(click to see hi-res version of the Black Friday 2014 Calendar)

We have already developed our Black Friday 2014 predictions for several of the major Black Friday stores including Walmart, Amazon, Target and Best Buy based on our research of the past Black Friday deals and sales events. Find below the links to each Black Friday store report.

Black Friday 2014 Predictions by Store:

Walmart Black Friday 2014

Amazon Black Friday 2014

Best Buy Black Friday 2014

Target Black Friday 2014

Sears Black Friday 2014

Kmart Black Friday 2014

Macy’s Black Friday 2014

Find all Black Friday 2014 Ads available in our Black Friday ads directory.

See also our in-depth Black Friday report and our new Black Friday Tips & Tricks Guide.

When is Black Friday 2014? Black Friday 2014 is on November 28th.
Again Black Friday retailers will have a whole month to market Black Friday 2014 deals. We will bring you extensive news, ads, deals and reviews of everything Black Friday 2014 has to offer and will guide you to the hottest bargains like we did in the past years.

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