Bobbi Kristina Brown is Still in Coma

Bobbi Kristina Brown Still Unresponsive with No Improvement

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  • Bobbi Kristina Brown Still in Coma

News of taking Bobbi Kristina Brown’s out of a chemically induced coma are all false, as only her meds were changed to prompt some kind of a response by doctors.

Bobbi Kristina Brown the daughter of troubled singer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has been unresponsive since the 31st of January 2015. Bobbi was found impassive in her bathtub and after being rushed to the hospital has since been on the life support system. Recently some sources claimed Bobbi Kristina Brown had been kept in a chemically induced coma by the doctors due to her condition but according to TMZ all those stories are not true. 

According to false claims Bobbi Kristina Brown had been kept in a chemically induced coma for the last few weeks since she was found unconscious and recently she was taken out of the coma by stopping the coma medicine.

The news sources told People that after taking Bobbi off the medication that induced the coma, she started seizing violently and had to be put under coma again. The source further claimed her family had been hoping for a positive sign and remained optimistic when the doctors stopped the medicines but the seizures were unexpected and has dashed their hopes. Especially Bobbi’s father Bobby Brown is beside himself due to the the whole situation as he is taking the news of failure very hard.

The source claiming to be a family member even asked for fans to pray for Bobbi’s health regardless of their religion as needed all the prayers she could get. However the information has been found to be absolutely false and does not even come close to the actual events surrounding Bobbi’s illness and her treatment. 

In actuality Bobbi’s doctors were trying to get her off some medication to see her response. The withdrawal of some medicines was a treatment procedure carried out in the hopes of inducing a reaction from Bobbi but she has still remained unresponsive. 

News of the tracheotomy being performed because Bobbi is getting better is also wrong as it is a standard procedure doctors regularly perform on patients when they have been comatose for a very long time. 

New sources from the family claim Bobbi has suffered some organ degeneration but still remains in an impassive condition. Bobbi could remain in her current vegetative state for a long time even with the organ damage as the life support system takes care of her breathing and provides food via a tube. Ultimately the judgment regarding Bobbi’s life is up to her father Bobby Brown to decide if she should be taken off life support or not.


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