BRIT Awards: Kanye West jumps on Table while Kim Kardashian fails to take Selfie

BRIT Awards: Kanye West jumps on Table while Kim Kardashian fails to take Selfie

Nando’s and Kim Kardashian Twitter
  • Kanye West and Kim Kardashian do their Stuff before and during the BRIT Awards

Kanye West and his spouse Kim Kardashian did their stuff before and during the BRIT Awards respectively. Kanye jumped onto a table at NANDOS while Kim took a botched selfie with Ant and Dec.

Kanye West sure lived upto his natural reputation before the BRIT Awards on Wednesday by jumping on a table at a NANDOS restaurant. Kanye had ordered a burger and fries along with garlic bread and quarter chicken not to mention some french fries.

At first when he managed to catch the other diners’ attention, he waved them off by showing no interest. Then at the end of his meal he suddenly showed his unpredictable nature by jumping on top of his table and shouting out “if you want to do it, do it the right way”.

#kanyewest in #nandos #o2arena #yezuus

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That is when his fans among the diners just exploded and started shouting “Yeezus” and taking selfies of the star in a hoodie. Kanye then left and headed for the BRIT Awards 2015 where he sang some rap lyrics that few got to hear since the content was so explicit and vulgar that it had to be censored for television audiences.

Nando’s posted a pic of Kanye on top of his table at their restaurant and the caption says “he just got taller”. 

Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s beautiful and bootylicious wife, meanwhile was present at the BRIT Awards and tried to prove once and for all that she is the queen of the selfie. Kim has written a book titled Selfish just for this reason that she is a master of taking selfies.

When Ant and tried to grab a moment with her onstage at the awards by asking her for a photo opportunity, she gladly obliged. Kim told them that the selfie must be taken by the person with the longest arm. And that of course belonged to none other than Kim herself.

So Kim took a brief moment to take the selfie as the cameras were poised on her and Ant and Dec. But she forgot to undo her smart phone lock. This led to the attempt being a failure. It was a rare case of a celeb bungling up such a simple procedure as taking a selfie. Yet there you have it.

Even the rich and famous are just as human as us ordinary mortals. Kim also took selfies with several others at the BRIT Awards including Cara Delevingne, Taylor Swift, Sam Smith and of course her dear old hubby, Kanye. 

After the BRIT Awards 2015, Kanye also had several selfies taken of himself alongside Kim and they are pretty hot. In one of them Kim is actually applying her tongue to his cheeks.


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