Fifty Shades of Grey diector Sam Taylor-Johnson talks about quitting Sequels

Fifty Shades of Grey diector Sam Taylor-Johnson talks about quitting Sequels

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Sam Taylor-Johnson has admittedly threatened to quit on the sequels of the worldwide phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey due to falling out with the writer of the novel E L James.

When Universal Studios bought the most expensive rights to the BDSM based bestseller by E L James, they gave her full charge of influencing how the movies will turn out. The 47 years old director, Sam Taylor-Johnson might not have agreed with the studio’s decision. 

As they started shooting the movie, Sam put her whole hearted effort in the movie. Sam and screenwriter, Kelly Marcel has a vision for the movie. They wanted the movie to have a baseline story with substantial plot for the big screen. With her experience, Sam knows what people want when they head out to watch movies. She wanted the characters to have more depth. She wanted the movie to be about something more than a series of sex scenes in succession. 

Writer E L James seems to have disagreed with Sam’s vision for the movie. Erika wanted the movie to be an accurate depiction of the novel she had written. In Erika’s mind, her persistence might be justified. She did sell 100 million copies of her book worldwide. She wanted the movie to be how she had envisioned without the incorporation of someone else’s ideas for instance Sam Taylor- Johnson and Kelly Marcel’s.

This clash of views and ideas seemed to have been fully expressed while editing the movie. In an interview, Sam had admitted that they had rows which were creative in nature and they were resolved. Seems like creative rows turned into a feud.

An inside source told The Sun, the director and writer’s relationship has turned ‘toxic’. The creative argument has certainly reached a toxic level because Sam Taylor-Johnson is threatening to quit the movie sequels altogether.

This seems to be a good offer according to a Universal Studio representative. The conflict is being attributed to the weak points in the movie. Although these weaknesses didn’t put a dent in the movie’s earnings worldwide, it will still be a key factor in how the sequels of the movie will be made.   


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