Focus: Will Smith and Margot Robbie battle for the Ultimate Con

Focus: Will Smith and Margot Robbie battle for the Ultimate Con

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Will Smith and Margot Robbie start as master and protégé in the con film and try their best to keep the game up with outlandish plot turns and excessive drama.

Will smith and Margot Robbie’s latest project entitled ‘Focus’ is about to hit the big screen. So in deference to custom a review of the latest con artist film is in order. ‘Focus’ features the power of Will Smith as a smooth talking con man and Margot Robbie as his good-looking blond ambition love interest. The absence of special effects in a film featuring Will Smith is a large feat in itself since the larger than life projects were losing their touch for Smith. 

The movie starts with ambition and we see Robbie’s character stealing expensive watches when she catches the eye of the all smart con man character played by Will Smith. The theft takes place in a bar and Will decides to pursue the gal deceiving rich businessmen.

After their meet cute entire the film takes just a little while before the main characters turn into a couple and establish intimacy. Further down the story we see Smith teaching the novice Robbie in the art of high-stakes con business. The storyline develops into a mentor and protégé deal with Smith showing Robbie the time of her life while stealing from rich people at the same time.  

The pace of the film while Smith and Robbie are up to their trade of con is pretty fast shows a glamorous and glitzy take to the life of thief that are too smart to be caught and too elegant for petty schemes.

The plot takes a turn for the slow when the feelings of the two characters come into question and the con game starts losing its touch in the light of new feelings. Unreasonably as a stallion cannot be tied down forever Smith’s character panics and breaks it off with Robbie when things get too close for comfort.

The film then takes a giant leap forward three years in a new country Bueno Aires. Under a set of difficult circumstances and some ongoing secrets we see Smith and Robbie both set to con the same target an older rich guy. From here starts a race of cat and mouse while both the characters bitter from their past encounters try to win the game.

While Smith’s character is the master of con his protégé Robbie has also excelled in the years apart and ready to finally face him. It would be cruel to reveal who wins the final battle but sufficient to impart a lot of suspense and plot turns are involved near the end of the film.

Even though the film tries very hard to keep the momentum going there are some bland points the viewer simply loses interest and the entire film comes off as a want to be of the con artist genre.

Watch below official trailer of Focus.


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