Giuliana Rancic publicly apologizes to Zendaya for Kelly Osbourne

Giuliana Rancic publicly apologizes to Zendaya for Kelly Osbourne

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  • Giuliana Rancic offers Apologies over Offensive Hair Remarks

Giuliana Rancic has offered her sincerest apologies over her offensive hair remarks which targeted Zendaya. She said that there was a misunderstanding and that the comments were not to be taken in that manner.

Giuliana Rancic said some crass words about Zendaya’s hair on Fashion Police for which she was severely criticized later on. She then went on to offer her regrets for what she had blurted out in a moment of insensitivity.

Nevertheless, Rancic did say this much that the remarks were taken out of context and that they were not specifically about Zendaya. Rancic also spoke of how Zendaya had exuded a strange smell when she was at the Academy Awards.

Later on when Rancic apologized for the lapse in sound judgment, she started the waterworks. She said on air that she was sorry for her faux pas. And she also spoke of how she had gone way off the handle on Fashion Police which was an inexcusable offense.

She said that it was not her intention to hurt anyone’s feelings. But then she also acknowledged that the way to hell is paved with good intentions and it is consequences that matter far more. Rancic especially said her sorries to Zendaya who was hurt by the callous remarks.  

Meanwhile, Kelly Osbourne has given an ultimatum regarding Rancic’s obnoxious commentary. She has said that she was seriously considering leaving the show unless the current issue between Rancic and Zendaya got resolved.

But it looks like now that Rancic has offered her sincerest apologies, things will be getting back to normal. The weird remarks over Zendaya’s Oscars’ hairdo seems to have been laid to rest for now.

Rancic had begun her apology in a contrite way by saying that the whole matter was a big burden on her heart. But Rancic insists that her comments were not meant to sound racist. They had to do with the bohemian chic look that Zendaya radiated in scads.

Zendaya had certainly taken the comments the wrong way. She wrote online that this was no laughing matter. Already African American hairstyles were under intense scrutiny and to add to the anti-Black voices was an outrage.

On the other hand, Kelly Osbourne’s anger over the row is another ball game. Kelly wants the two to get over the tiff otherwise she will leave the platform that is Fashion Police. And that is not just an empty threat since Kelly is known to be honest and straightforward to the limit. She follows through what she says in real life.  


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