Zendaya Coleman appreciates Giuliana Rancic’s Apology

Zendaya Coleman appreciates Giuliana Rancic's Apology

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Zendaya Coleman accepted the public apology by Giuliana Rancic in a positive message posted on her Instagram account.

The unintentional friction between Zendaya Coleman and Giuliana Rancic has come to a peaceful end. The animosity started when during the broadcast of The Fashion Police host Rancic made a comment on Coleman’s Oscar hair style choice. Coleman was wearing her hair in locs and Rancic commented the hair seemed like it smelled of patchouli oil or weed.

In retaliation of the offensive comment Coleman posted a long message on her Instagram account and slammed Rancic for her stereotypical and racist reviews on African-American hair.

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Rancic realized her mistake and publicly apologized to Coleman on a broadcast of E! News “Fashion Police” admitting she crossed a line. Rancic also posted an apology tweet.

In turn the former Disney alum Zendaya Coleman posted another message on her Instagram account accepting Rancic’s apology. In her message Coleman related that according to some studies people don’t wish to act with prejudice but because of difficulties in their life previously and their negative surrounding which affect them, individuals sometimes unintentionally show prejudice. The secret prejudice inside us all sometimes dictates our actions and it’s our duty to recognize the issue inside of others and eliminate them before they take a vindictive shape. 

According to Coleman she is a role model for a multitude of people and therefore could not allow herself to be scared or ignore any issue and has to stand up and do what’s right for herself, all those looking up to her and everyone else in general. 

Zendaya Coleman stressed in her message to remember not to be caustic or hurt anyone just because we’ve been hurt ourselves, no matter what the cause the right to wound others is never justifiable. Tactics such as body shaming and spewing hurtful comment will never be a conclusion to an issue and Coleman admitted stopping herself from writing mean comment in return was hard but she had to see the larger scenario and not just think about her feeling but the issue at hand. Coleman revealed in the benefit of all involved she sat on her phone for 2 hours to do research and came up with an educated response. 

Finally in her message Coleman accepted Giuliana Rancic’s apology straightforwardly and expressed her feelings as being glad, because the learning experience /4/be a new perspective for Rancic and the network.

Then Coleman went on to compel all those affected by Rancic’s words to accept Rancic’s apology and quoted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as he declared the way to drive out darkness is only light and not more darkness and in the same way only love can drive out hate not more hate. Lastly the last line of her message obliged Rancic and herself to be light and spread the joy of love. 

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