Goldgenie to offer a Gold Apple Watch

Goldgenie to offer a Gold Apple Watch


The watch will have rose gold and platinum versions and will cost far less than the Apple Watch Edition

We were obviously expecting some luxury treatment for the upcoming Apple Watch and companies have started preparing for their offerings for the latest smartwatch in terms of gold plating. This is a usual treatment for Apple products, particularly the phones and there is no reason why a watch should be left out of it.

Goldgenie is not a name alien to us and they are already offering paid-for services for the gilding of Apple’s iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus and the company has now confirmed that similar services will be offered by them for the Apple Watch which is coming out on April 10th. This special ‘gold’ treatment will be received by both the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport. The good news is that those who wanted a luxurious version of the Apple Watch but thought that the Apple Watch Edition’s $10,000 price tag was too high can now have one for less. With Goldgenie, there will be a cheaper mark-up as compared to what Apple is asking for.

One of the spokesperson for the company has explained that “We will be offering a gold-plating service for the standard Apple Watch, and can offer finishes in rose gold, platinum, as well as 24-karat gold. The service will cost approximately £1,250, ex. VAT.”

The prices of these special editions have also been hinted at by the spokesperson who says that the rose gold version was likely to cost £1,300 and the platinum version could cost £1,350 (this doesn’t include the cost of the actual device). These prices aren’t confirmed and for the exact price tags we will have to wait till the launch.

Whatever the final tags from Goldgenie will be, they will certainly be cheaper than Apple’s price tags. The Apple Watch Edition has a starting price of $10,000 which is five to ten times more than the raw gold value.


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