Google to invest $1 Billion in SpaceX

Google to invest $1 Billion in SpaceX

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  • Google making a Huge Financial Investment in SpaceX for Internet Satellites

Google is about to make a huge financial investment in SpaceX for the sheer purpose of boosting the launch of satellites by the agency.

Google is going to make a decision soon. It will be investing heavily in SpaceX as a part of Silicon Valley’s cyber race for outer space. Whether outer space is a better place or not is a moot point though.

The satellites that will get constructed by SpaceX are to be sent into orbit around the earth and will beam messages and signals to earth that will lend instant Internet access. And the really good thing is that the rate at which these Net services will be lent to billions of people will be dirt cheap.

As for the price that Google will have to pay for its participation in the SpaceX Experiment, it /4/be close to the $10 billion figure which is a lot indeed. After all, such ventures don’t come for free.

In fact, there /4/be even larger sums of money involved in the booster shot that Google is willing to give SpaceX in the arm. Among some of the other investors that are stakeholders in SpaceX /4/be included: Founder’s Fund, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Valor Equity Partners.  

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, is very much interested in the deal. The whole initiative began when Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook said that by using drones, satellites and laser beams, Internet facility could be provided to the rest of the world from the limits of the earth’s atmosphere.

Scads of such satellites need to be launched before this dream, which is currently on paper only, can be realized in full form. Till then it is a pipe dream and action will have to be taken since deeds speak louder than words.

Facebook is headed in other directions, while Google is looking into SpaceX as a source of inspiration and future planning. Google’s balloons were an earlier scheme that didn’t work out too well, so it is now interested in SpaceX.

Elon Musk even has the guts to include astronauts on the space stations in the task force for the satellites. Musk is also the head of Tesla Motors, which is a maker of electric cars. His vision combined with the technical savvy of the Google execs /4/prove wondrous or it could fall flat on its face. Only time will tell how it all ends up in the real world.  

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