Hanley Ramirez is Set to Come Back to his Teenage Team

Hanley Ramirez is Set to Come Back to his Teenage Team

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Hanley is very close to signing for the Red Sox and the fans will love this deal to happen as they are once again going to see Hanley play for them.

Hanley Ramirez is currently a free agent and many teams were looking to sign him. Red Sox were persistent in their approach and wanted to sign Hanley for a second time. Last time he played for the Red Sox, Hanley was 16 years old.

Now it is reported that Hanley Ramirez is on his way to Boston and he is going to finalize a deal with Red Sox. The deal might be completed on Monday and Hanley is probably going to get $90 million over the period of five years. Since November, the Red Sox team has been interested in Hanley’s services.

They had to pay a tremendous amount to get his services but then again talent like this is priceless. Red Sox have also been in the market for Pablo Sandoval and Jon Lester. Hanley to Red Sox wasn’t a long saga. We sometimes hear reports that a player is considering to leave his team to join another team but this story wasn’t that long.

We heard the story that Hanley was being linked with Red Sox and the next story we received was that he was on the verge of signing for the Red Sox. Ramirez is now 30 years old and even though his numbers weren’t great in 2014, Red Sox wanted him nevertheless.

They know that he will return back to greatness in the next year. Hanley Ramirez has an average on 25 homers and 87 RBIs per 162 games. The main problem with his performance these days is that he has suffered many injuries over the past 2 years.

Hanley was a star for the Marlins and ha also spent 2 years with Dodgers. At the MLB level, Hanley only played 2 games for the Red Sox. Hanley was traded to Miami and that deal saw Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell come to the Red Sox. Now Red Sox have to figure out how they want Hanley to play for them.

He has mostly played shortstop most of his career. But the Red Sox now have Xander Bogaerts and he can play shortstop for them. Hanley Ramirez is expected to play third base for the Red Sox. The deal hasn’t been completed yet and the Red Sox are still waiting for an answer from Sandoval.

They have offered him $95 million over five years and his answer is expected to come on Monday. If both Sandoval and Hanley come to Red Sox, things are likely to become very complicated. Both of them can play third base and that is why both of them will want to play there. This is what Red Sox is going to have to figure out before they can sign both stars.

Sources: Yahoo! Sports , ESPN

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