Intel Easy Migration App provides Free One-click Data Migration to Chromebooks

Intel Easy Migration App provides One-click Migration to Chromebooks
  • Intel Easy Migration Application makes Transfer of Data to Chromebook a Cinch.

Intel released a free Easy Migration application that makes the transfer of data from your older devices to new Chromebook a cinch.

The new Easy Migration app from Intel allows you to shift your stuff from many of your devices on to Chromebook. Chromebook of course is cloud based in its capacity. You can transfer all your Hotmail contacts to Google contacts in a jiffy. And all pics and video clips too /4/be transferred to Google+ Photos.

You /4/stop the process dead in its tracks anytime you want to. Or you /4/restart the transfer process all over again. The gadgets that can have their data transferred include Windows, iOS and Android.

The application got introduced before the public recently. The app /4/also be employed to synchronize video clips, bookmarks, documents and audio clips. You can shift the data piecemeal or you can accomplish the procedure in one fell swoop.

Intel’s Chromebooks are getting all the necessary support that ought to see them through in the current year. The fame and fortune of the device has virtually spiraled out of control . 

The final step that Intel has taken is to introduce new applications for Chromebook. Called Easy Migration, the app is a wonder and a miracle to behold. It allows what was not possible sometime back in the past. Thus it is a great advancement on the obsolete methods of yore.

Chromebook is as everybody knows an educational and pedagogical tool. It is used to educate and groom students of all levels to surpass themselves in excellence and awareness.

The tool works and it ought to be used in matters having to with everyday life to solve problems and find solutions to tough conundrums.

Intel Easy Migration will be used in conjunction with Chromebook to form a seamless whole that will allow easy operational standards whereby the data can be swiped from one device on to the other.

It is all hunky dory and a piece of cake to accomplish. With an increase in science and technology, the barriers of yesteryear are being erased and broken in scads.

New problems /4/crop up but they too will be overcome thanks to the power of observation and hypothetical postulates which have an uncanny way of settling all things amicably and without hassles. Ultimately, technology is meant to meld with humanity as we are seeing happening before our very eyes.   

Download Intel Easy Migration App for Android devices from Google Play.

Download Intel Easy Migration App for iOS devices from App Store.

Download Intel Easy Migration App for Windows.

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