Jennifer Aniston remains Silent on Brangelina Nuptials

The Friends actress, Jennifer Aniston has more important things on her mind than the “Brangelina” phenomenon.

Jennifer Aniston to appear in The Leftovers with Justin Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston remains Silent on Brangelina Nuptials

Jennifer Aniston just finished making a film and also got a makeover in the process. As for older issues such as her ex Brad and that Womb Raider, Angelina, frankly speaking she couldn’t care less. 

The film is called Life of Crime and it has received rave reviews from the critics. Yet the stumbling block of jealousy about the phenom known as “Brangelina” continues to dog her steps. 

The previous week, Aniston appeared to be unperturbed on the outside regarding the nuptials. But inside she was stressed and truly nervous as a nerd on his first date. 

According to The Province, “Last week, although she offered no reaction to the nuptials, Aniston was variously reported to be “distraught”, “numbed”, and — alarmingly — “finally at peace.” Don’t panic; this is how things are in the life of the actress whose real-life role of woman scorned continues to vastly out-dollar anything she manages on screen.”

The pressure of seeing the one you loved once upon a time being cozy with someone who stole him from you could really get to just about anyone. Yet Jen made peace with her inner critic and is currently reconciled with the fact which no power on earth can change. 

There were rumors of the Pitts having purposefully timed their wedding to make fun of Jennifer Aniston’s movie premiere. But this could also be nothing but the crazy thoughts of a paranoid conspiracy theorist. 

There can be no doubt that Jennifer has faced many issues in her life from having had no children all the way to body image issues. Yet she has hung in there and emerged a winner. She has a lot of humility (much more than Angelina Jolie who is just so full of herself) and is a kindred and kind soul. 

She also revealed her feelings about questions related to not becoming mother yet. She said, “I’ve birthed a lot of things, and I feel I’ve mothered many things and I don’t think it is fair to put that kind of expectation on people.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer’s appearance on The Leftovers with her fiancé Justin Theroux was something about which she has mixed feelings. When E! News‘ Marc Malkin told her about Amy Brenneman’s suggestion to sign her for the role of Guilty Remnant on The Leftoversat at the premiere of her new movie Life of Crime, she said “I don’t know. I don’t think so. They would never want me on that show.”

While she didn’t say much during the making of the series, she did enjoy it nevertheless. Everything is a new experience for Jen and she takes things normally as they come.  

If there is one thing we can learn from this remarkably resilient and tough woman, it is that a female does not have to turn into a spiteful bitch when she is dumped by the likes of a hunk such as Brad Pitt. She will find new channels later on as Jen has in the form of a killer career and a wonderful fiancé. 

About Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer started off as a child of Greek parents who had come to the United States as immigrants. When her parents separated Jen was barely 9 years of age. She tried her hand at acting in order to bring her parents together but alas reality is very different from celluloid life. When her mother gave an interview disparaging her and even wrote a tell-all book, Jennifer was deeply hurt. She refused to invite her to the wedding with Brad. 

During the wedding which was quite an expensive affair, Jennifer promised to make Brad Pitt his favorite banana milkshakes once they were man and wife. What exactly happened after the wedding is not something out of an alien movie. The two got to know each other well and it was a beautifully complex relationship. 

But it floundered when Brad made the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie. This bad girl stole Jen’s husband from her. And so Jennifer Aniston was left to cope with the split from Brad. There were rumors that she had refused to have any kids with Brad but later on she denied any such intention on her part. In fact, according to Jen she absolutely adored children. Of course, Angelina and Brad have six kids so the rumors would be an obvious corollary since Brad and Aniston never had any. 

Aniston turned to yoga to help her bear the stress following her split from Brad. She is a positive person who does not believe in nursing grudges against those who have harmed us in life. In fact, after her divorce, Jen turned to her mother for solace. The selfsame mama who had used such deprecatory phrases for her daughter was now her comforter. Aniston still has issues with her mother but she has partially forgiven her. Basically you cannot forgive the world or yourself unless you forgive your parents. 

Finally, the period in her life when she appeared in Friends was the most productive duration there ever was. With Courteney Cox as her alter ego on Friends, Jennifer Aniston played the platinum blonde. She even offered one of the males on the show a chance at losing weight through her directions and tutorials. The television show was a hit and Aniston made more money than any other female actress ever had during the decade this light soap opera remained intact on the boob tube. 

Aniston has received countless awards and has appeared in movies that show her in the capacity of a romantic foil. She has been selected as the most beautiful and sexiest woman on the planet. 

But she still cannot get over her hairstyle on Friends!         

Well, you cannot win them all!

Get more details about Jennifer Aniston in our complete profile.



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