Kaitlyn Jenner is Bruce Jenner’s Female Name

Kaitlyn Jenner is Bruce Jenner's Female Name


Kaitlyn pops up again as new female name of Bruce Jenner. It is still a rumor and not official.

Update 06/01/15:
Caitlyn Jenner appears on Vanity Fair Cover. It’s Caitlyn with a C not Kaitlyn with a K. Bruce Jenner broke the Kardashian K rule! Follow the link to see the must see cover of Caitlyn Jenner.

Earlier today we reported that Bruce Jenner will be on the Vanity Fair Cover in July as a woman. Now a new report from InTouch says that his chosen female name will be Kaitlyn. First names starting with K is the thing in the Kardashian clan: Kris, Kim, Kendall and Kylie. InTouch thinks Bruce wants to fit in with the girls.

The name Kaitlyn Jenner has been already dropped over a month ago by Extra. Bruce Jenner has not yet revealed his female name. We assume he wants to reveal that in his upcoming docuseries in July.

The Kaitlyn’s of this world are already bracing themselves for Bruce Jenner taking on the same name.

65-year-old Bruce Jenner plans to completely stop being Bruce in Spring. He made such a statement in the recent Keeping Up with the Kardashians: About Bruce special. If this report is true, than Vanity Fair landed a major coup. Bruce Jenner’s very public sex change raised a lot of attention and controversy.  Bruce Jenner will present his new life in an eight-part docuseries premiering July 26, at 9 p.m. ET on E! 

Bruce Jenner was in the 70s an American track and field athlete. He won the gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal. In recent years he makes headlines as part of the Kardashian clan. His public sex change is now putting him on top of the Kardashians, making bigger headlines than Kim and Kendall. 

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