Katy Perry will Celebrate 30th Birthday in Morocco

Katy Perry Takes a Detour on 30th Birthday from Egypt to Morocco

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  • Katy Perry’s Egyptian Birthday Spoiled!
  • The dream of becoming Cleopatra had to be put off for now.
  • Perry will now celebrate birthday bash in Morocco.

Katy Perry has changed her birthday plans. She takes a detour on 30th birthday from Egypt to Morocco.

The 29 year old pop singer who turns 30 on October 25th cancelled her birthday tour to Egypt and instead landed in Morocco. Katy Perry has decided to take a break from her wildly popular Prismatic world tour, in order to travel to Egypt on her birthday. She had planned to take family and friends along with her and they planned to party and see tourist attractions.

Not only this, she also planned on taking a cruise on the Nile dressed up as the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, according to E! News. Recall from her music video ‘Dark Horse’ and you will get to know that our Perry is a big fan of anything Egyptian-themed and even refers to herself as Katy Patra.

Katy Perry has rerouted her birthday plans from Egypt to Morocco!” Sources told Us Weekly that “the pop star, who officially turns the big 3-0 on Oct. 25, touched down in Marrakech earlier this week.”

It seems she missed her Egypt bash due to the ongoing political crisis in Egypt. Better luck next time princess! She was also expected to travel to Morocco, South Africa and Paris on this tour. There’s no word whether she will still go ahead according to the plan. Your Egyptian plan that you dreamed of has been ruined, Katy, but cheer up since you have some exceptional fans that just made your wish come true.

Katy Perry has received a special birthday surprise from one such fan. The California girl at least got her name on the Shakey’s pizza sign after all. Perry had tweeted that all she wanted for her birthday was her name in the sign and the owner did not hesitate for a single moment in fulfilling Perry’s wish. So fans are the most valuable asset, princess, keep in mind.

Meanwhile Katy is currently on a tour and she has grossed around $31 million from just the North American leg of her tedious tour.What else does she need for her birthday! The Australian leg will be opened by her performance in Perth on November 7th and will continue till December 20th. Then Europe will see her coming on February 16th and bid farewell to her in the city of Stockholm on March 22nd. 

Happy early birthday, Katy! /4/this tour be one of your most successful one.

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