Kylie Minogue Rehearsals’ Photo Excites Fans

Kylie Minogue has Posted her Rehearsal’s Photo.

Kylie Minogue Rehearsals' Photo Excites Fans

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Kylie Minogue Rehearsals’ Photo Excites Fans

If you are a fan of Kylie Minogue, you have every reason to smile because a photo taken during her rehearsals is out on Instagram. According to Daily Mail, the photo is just a tip of the iceberg. The 43 year old singer has been preparing for her much awaited Kiss Me Once Tour that is scheduled for next week.

During the tour, the song bird will transverse through Europe, UK and Australia among other regions. The tour is expected to continue for the next six months. By the look of the photo, it is clear that the picture was taken without her knowing because she is not looking at the camera directly.

It seems the image was captured during a break because the singer is seated on the floor. There is no doubt she will look stunning when she performs in her red high heel stilettos. Minogue settled for simple track pants and a black top. Most notably is that she did not apply any makeup on her skin.However, she still looks grate in her laid back locks.

Minogue is adored by many people due to her outstanding outfits that are complimented by her amazing dancers. Perhaps this is why the singer was selected to perform during at the closure of the recently ended Commonwealth games in Glasglow. Besides that, she took a video of herself and her husband taking part in the ALS ice bucket challenge and posted it on YouTube.

According to reports posted on her website, Minogue will perform in Australia towards the end of her tour in March. She actually stated that she would be so pleased to perform in the country for the sake of reuniting with her fans.

The Kiss Me Once tour came as a surprise to her fans because no one expected her to be able to make such time due to her tight schedule. Of late, the singer has been engaging in the filming of the Australian and UK versions of The Voice.



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