Lara Logan Hospitalized Again for 2011 Sexual Assault Complications

Lara Logan Hospitalized Again for 2011 Sexual Assault Complications

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  • Lara Logan is in a Hospitalized Condition due to Earlier Sexual Brutality

The correspondent of 60 Minutes, Lara Logan is in a hospitalized condition currently due to an earlier sexual brutality that was perpetrated upon her during the Arab Spring in Egypt.

She was reporting on duty as a correspondent for 60 Minutes during the height of the Arab Spring about four years ago when she was sexually assaulted. Lara Logan, a 43 year old woman, is currently in hospital facing treatment for complications from that trauma.

Among some of the issues she is facing are digestive problems and internal bleeding. Her health status has been weak since she suffered that vicious attack in Egypt and she has been in and out of hospitals repeatedly.

In fact, Lara has to make a decision now whether she wants to undergo surgery for the sake of her health and well-being. The assault seriously messed up her system, according to Page Six.

While she was covering the end of President Hosni Mubarak’s regime in Tahrir Square, Lara got separated from her crew and found herself surrounded by a group of vandals and thugs. They physically attacked her and also engaged in unspeakable acts with her.   

Lara later on admitted that she thought the torture she was facing at the hands of these monsters was going to go on forever. She felt sure she was going to die. And she also knew that if it did occur, it would be a slow and painful death.

Finally after the men had beaten and raped her countless times, a woman came to her rescue and wrapped her arms around her to protect her from the brutes. What Lara went through was something we would not wish upon our worst enemy. And that coupled with the fact that she survived shows her level of bravery and stoicism.

She has been suffering the consequences of that fateful day in Tahrir Square till today. And she is a wife and a mother of two kids. However, she has heroically continued her job as a reporter albeit intermittently due to her biological issues.

In fact, just awhile back she was reporting from Iraq on ISIS. This act indeed shows her staunch fearlessness and infinite capacity for taking pain. She literally puts herself in harm’s way to do the majority of her reporting.

While most people are couch potatoes who sit and watch the news from the comfort of their living rooms, Lara has the audacity to go to far off places and court danger in order to get at the real facts. A salute of excellence goes out to this wonderful lady who is bolder than some of the men you find on the planet! 


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