LG will produce flexible OLED panels in July

LG will produce flexible OLED panels in July

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The use of plastic will more than double the decrease in the bending radios

With the ease with which technological developments are gaining pace in this world, a dearth of new advancements can leave manufacturers totally out of the scene. This is one of the reasons why we recently been coming across to newer tech developments which we had never heard of before because the consumers are hungry for more. In a bet to race against others in the market, LG is surely taking over with a big surprise.

The company is ditching what is customary and what we have become accustomed to seeing for an entirely new creation with its highly flexible OLEDs. LG comes at the top of the list when it comes to the innovation of curved technology. We could see the Korean company’s intentions to further develop the curved platform after it announced the LG G Flex 2 at the CES event this year.

We can all agree that the P-OLED panel in the G Flex 2 hasn’t failed to impress us, but LG has something more in mind and this is not the end for its curved desires. According to a recent report, LG is probably moving towards the development of a truly flexible screen and it is likely that some early units are already available.

It is pretty much clear now that LG Chem plans to revolutionize bending displays through a new manufacturing technology. The existing bendable OLED panels such as the one featured on the G Flex 2 feature a thin glass substrate which makes room for higher levels of flexibility, but the bending angle is still limited to 75mm. The next gen displays will make use of plastic which is going to more than double decrease in the bending radios, set at about 30mm.

source: oled-display


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