Lindsay Lohan has to Redo 125 hours of Community Service

Lindsay Lohan confuses Community Service with on Stage Performances

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  • Lindsay Lohan confuses Community Service with on Stage Performances

Lindsay Lohan served a major portion of her 240 hours of community service while performing on stage and arranging charity events

Major questions are being raised at how Lindsay Lohan is completing her 240 hours of community service she received by a Californian judge on the charges of reckless driving back in 2012. Whether the hours that she is spending actually count as community service?

The prosecutor Terry White on Lindsay’s case is infuriated and it is reported that he intends to make a full repertoire out of Lindsay’s activities that she is counting as her community service. Supposedly, Lindsay actually spent the hours performing on stage in a London play.

When she was not performing, she allowed people to follow her around for the day counting it as her hours in service to the community. The people love to hang out with a celebrity, shake hands, take a photo with him or her but does that qualify as anything remotely close to community service, commented  White, according to People.

Lindsay has been doing her “community service” in CSV. The London based company was thrilled to have her perform especially since she arranged a charity event for the organization that yielded $10K. White comments that any event that is arranged for an organization does not get included in community service. 

Shawn Holley, Lohan’s attorney admitted that some of her hours /4/not actually be included in community service but she has no problem in completing those hours in the proper way. 

She wants to work with children and she is getting to. It is great especially because the children respond to her well. The Judge gave Lindsay an extension on her community service hours so she could complete them. Holley recognized that they knew that if she didn’t, she would be facing jail time. 

The next hearing that will decide Lindsay’s faith will be held on 12th March. Holley should hope that the actress realizes what community service is and tries to close the hours as the hearing lurks overhead.


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