Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight crashed while on Autopilot

The latest news from the Aussies is that the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had crashed while on autopilot.

Malaysia Airlines Flight crashed while on Autopilot

Phoenix Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Artemis begins its dive in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Credit / Getty Images


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Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight crashed while on Autopilot

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was probably on autopilot when it crashed into the ocean. At least this is what all the evidence points towards. 

The Australian authorities carried out a search and rescue operation and although so far the plane has not been found, a few clues have surfaced. 

“The new priority area is still focused on the seventh arc, where the aircraft last communicated with satellite. We are now shifting our attention to an area further south along the arc,” Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss told reporters in Canberra.

The Malaysia Airlines had been on a journey from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it sank into the Indian Ocean. What the detectives are telling us is that it appears to have been a case of hijacking on a large scale. 

Whoever did the criminal deed, thereby playing with the lives of 239 passengers, knew how to do his job very well. The detour the plane was made to take before it took a nosedive into the Indian Ocean is something which is still a puzzling phenomenon. 

The weak signals from its black box could be made out by search equipment used by the experts. The authorities have searched high and low but still there is no clear cut sign of where exactly the flight’s wreckage might be. 

The original quadrant where the search was ongoing has proven to be barren and fallow ground. Now, new areas are being explored in the hope that some clue or proof of the aircraft /4/be found. 

“It is highly, highly likely that the aircraft was on autopilot otherwise it could not have followed the orderly path that has been identified through the satellite sightings,” Truss said

The new evidence proves that the plane was on autopilot. But this does not solve the case. It only makes it even more complicated and convoluted in its depth. Still this whole conundrum remains a big mystery. 

Over $56 million are to be spent on the search operation. Maybe it will turn up evidence regarding the whole shebang. A lengthy report has been issued about the airline crash. 

“Given these observations, the final stages of the unresponsive crew/hypoxia event type appeared to best fit the available evidence for the final period of MH370’s flight when it was heading in a generally southerly direction,” the ATSB report said.

The authorities have racked their brains out over the case yet a solution seems far off in the future. The question seems to be that whoever (terrorist or otherwise) masterminded this whole scheme was much cleverer than the authorities. 

He or she had taken every precaution to not got caught and escape the notice of the law. And it seems the nefarious organization behind this high crime has succeeded in its goal of terrorizing the public via its airline hijacking.

Source: Reuters



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