Margot Robbie slapped Leonardo DiCaprio to land ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

Margot Robbie slapped Leonardo DiCaprio  to land ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

David Slijper / Harper’s Bazaar UK

The April 2015 issue of the magazine Harper’s Bazaar UK will be featuring Margot Robbie on the front cover with an interview and exclusive feature.

In her feature interview Margot Robbie share she had promised herself to make her audition for the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ memorable. Robbie arrived at home at 6 am in the morning when she saw a lot a of phone call informing her she has to be on a flight in a few hours to audition with Leonardo DiCaprio in front of  Martin Scorsese.

When Robbie made it to her destination she was wearing jeans and boots but when the casting agent saw her appearance she told Robbie to go to SoHo and change into a really short and tight dress with the highest pair of heels available.

Robbie recollected thinking she had only 30 seconds left and if she failed to impress in the audition it would all be a waste for her. So started screaming at DiCaprio and in turn he started screaming back at her, which was really scary for Robbie.

After shouting DiCaprio’s line was come and kiss me but instead of kissing him Robbie took a leap of faith and slapped him across the face and then proclaimed ‘F*** you!’ while screaming. Robbie had previously been thinking of kissing him as when will she ever get the chance to kiss DiCaprio. The slap wasn’t even scripted and the entire room just went dead silent while Robbie froze. 

Afterwards Robbie had second thoughts about the slap and panicked even considering the police might arrest her for assault and she might never act again if there’s a bruise on DiCaprio’s face. However Robbie landed the part for the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’.

The Australian actress also shred her tactics while dealing with paparazzi during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK. Robbie explained she does not care how she looks for her paparazzi shots and sometimes even waits until she looks her absolute worst to come out of the house and go eat a burger or drink a beer.

Her unkempt pictures are loaded online and criticized by everyone but Robbie can handle the scrutiny and the negativity doesn’t affect her at all as she believes to be an actor you have to deal with all those aspects.

Robbie even recalled her ice cream incident with Will Smith as one day on her insistence they went to get ice cream but soon he was surrounded and mobbed by a large crowd. Robbie later apologized to Smith and told him next time she will bring him some ice cream back. 

Nowadays Margot Robbie is busy promoting her new film ‘Focus’ with her co-star Will Smith and at the launch premier last night she wore a black and white Giambattista Valli gown.

Although the gown had sheer elements and a ruffled white bodice which captured Robbie entire body Silhouettes it was not one of her best looks overall as the premier was Robbie’s big night. Her beauty look was different but not very impressive with a straight shoulder length hair and a pouf and dark eye make-up.  


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