Paris Drone Sightings: 3 Arrests Not Related, UAVS ‘Pose No Threat’

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The mystery of five drone sightings over Paris has widened. Although three arrests were made in wake of the unmanned flights, police say they are not related. What’s more, an expert says the UAVS do not pose a threat to life.

An update to the string of recent drone sightings over Paris revealed misinformation. Three arrests made by authorities were reported by some sources to be connected with the unmanned drones in sections of France. However, local police say the Aljazeera journalists are not suspected of being behind the mysterious five Paris drones, according to a USA Today news report.

Dozens of law enforcement investigators have been hard at work trying to unravel clues about commercial drones that have been sighted around various landmarks in central Paris for two consecutive nights.

Parisians were offered a sigh of relief when word got out about three arrests said to be linked to the mystery surveillance drones. However, AJ bureau chiefs and police were quick to dispel rumors about any involvement. Reportedly, the three journos were jailed Wednesday afternoon when an unmanned drone was spotted in a Paris park. Officials later realized the crew was filming a story in connection to the developing story. An AJ tweet confirmed this.

Three @ajenglish journos held by Paris police while filming a report on the city’s recent mystery drones. More info when it’s available.— Al Jazeera PR (@AlJazeera) February 25, 2015

Over the last two days, French authorities have fielded reports about drone sightings over key areas in the famous city: Les Invalides, the Eiffel Tower, U.S. Embassy, Place de lad Concorde and the famous Iron Lady. On each occasion, police and military personnel raced to the reported scenes, but failed to track down the drones and those responsible for the unauthorized flights.

Although it’s illegal to fly drones anywhere within Paris city limits, stiff penalties have not curtailed the activity. The first sightings took place last year, and police still do not have any credible leads on the culprits.

Many French locals are still on edge from the recent terror attacks in Paris involving the Charlie Hebdo agency, a grocery store and local café. Nineteen people, including police, hostages and the gunmen died in the shootings, thought to be over an Islamic extremist group’s response to free speech.

With the advent of the new drone technology, experts say the devices can be used for nefarious purposes. However, one person said the drones sighted over Paris were too small and underequipped to carry any ordinances or pose threats to human life and property. Security expert and criminologist, Christophe Naudin, weighed in.

“The worst that can happen is that they fall on someone’s head. After a while, if a drone is out of power it just falls, and it is quite heavy.”

Still, the sightings of drones over Paris are unsettling to many residents and western allies.



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