Paris Hilton slams Deadmau5

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DJ Deadmau5 criticized Paris Hilton’s skills as a DJ.

Paris Hilton is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Recently, she was seen doing a stint as a celebrity DJ. Another DJ Deadmau5 whose real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman openly spoke against Paris Hilton. He said that she did not have any skills for doing the job of a DJ. He said that she did not deserve the big paychecks that she is getting these days just by playing a single song. He shared that Hilton was an amateur and did not have any skills for this job. 

After that, Paris Hilton responded to DJ Deadmau5 via her Twitter account. She said that it was a hilarious attempt by Deadmau5 to get attention by criticizing her. She further said that she is sorry that she is doing such a great job by doing the thing that she loves.

The 33-year-old DJ Deadmau5 wrote in his lengthy post that Paris earned a million dollars by playing a CD. He said that it was nothing big. He also said that he would pay her the same amount to see her “perform” instead of watching her as a DJ. He further said that Paris was like a newbie in a racing game. She did not know the basics so she should get back to the “go kart racing” type. He further said that every DJ hated Paris and he hated her as well. 

However, all these comments did not affect Hilton in the least. It looks like Deadmau5’s criticism is actually a case of “sour grapes”. It shows that this DJ is just pissed off at the great amount of money Hilton is making by playing a single CD. 

Recently, Paper magazine reported that Paris Hilton earned $2.7 million after working as a DJ for four nights in Ibiza. She reported that she was doing a lot of disc jockeying these days and was getting paid very well. Hilton is enjoying her time as a celebrity DJ.  It looks as if she is not much affected by Deadmau5’s comments since she did not reply to his comments any further. 

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