President Barack Obama to safeguard Immigrant Rights as per Policy

President Barack Obama to safeguard Immigrant Rights as per Policy

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The President of the United States, Barack Obama is to safeguard immigrant rights as per state policy. It is in sticking with what he feels is right and good that his current decision lies.

President Obama threw the gauntlet to Republicans to just dare and try to declare his immigration policies null and void. He swore that he would veto such an act without a second thought. All this was televised at a town hall meeting and Obama let it be very clear in unequivocal words that he won’t shrink back from crossing out any Republican plans to disrail his immigration policy.

He also urged young people to use ballot power to bring in their favorite candidates into office. The President even went to the extent of promising the hopeful onlookers that it was possible that some time in the future an Asian American or a Latino president would be holding sway in the power center.

President Obama expatiated on the matter for the space of a single hour during which the entire proceedings got recorded for general viewing by Telemundo and MSNBC. The venue was the bilingual town hall at the Florida International University campus.  

President Obama had tried his best not to let millions of foreigners be deported from the United States. And the Republicans according to him had also done what they could to put roadblocks in his way. This was an outrageous thing to do. The Republicans had shown their real face by such tactics of mass sabotage. With the Department of Homeland Security funding about to end pretty soon, a vote will be cast by the senate regarding the immigration question.

But President Obama said that it made no difference to him even if the issue was set to be voted upon. He said that whether they thought that his immigration actions were valid or invalid was besides the point. He would veto the vote if it went against his policies. The observers which includes youth, foreigners, activists and pupils cheered him on as he laid down what he thought was right according to him on the line.

Obama is a man who is firm and straightforward in matters of human rights. And in the capacity of president he has set a final limit on the amount of Latinos that will be deported. “No more” is his motto for the present.    

Obama also reminded his audience in so many ordinary words that he meant to keep up his side of the bargain and they should maintain the pressure on Congress. He promised them that he would never give up on the common man, be he a Latino or an Asian American.

The action plan he had devised was for the time being and would not count as valid for the unforseen future. Republicans were the culprits and they had to be brought to his viewpoint whether they liked it or not.

Obama openly sought a revolution in rising expectations by telling his audience members to question the candidates for the 2016 elections. Among the chief queries would be whether they wanted to deport almost 11 million individuals.

Obama especially got irritated when someone from the audience asked him whether this decision would have been better implemented earlier on in his presidency. When this individual from the audience accused the Democrats and Republicans of playing a tit-for-tat game, Obama responded by saying that it was not so.

He spoke of how the Democrats had always toed the line when it came to immigration policy. He said that this was done on a consistent basis. And Obama said that wavering on the issue was a big hindrance since than the fact which side you were on ended up in a tangled mess.   

Obama said that young people who were too lazy to vote for their favorite candidates bore the brunt of the burden when it came to immigration policy revision. They should show some courage and appear at the polling booths when election time came up.

The leader of the free world also advised his hearers if they were young and had elders who were in danger of being deported to act now and not get caught up in a state of apathy. Obama reminded them that it was indeed possible in the near future that a President Rodriguez or Chin would rule in the White House.

President Obama’s message is indeed revolutionary in its scope. To imagine the free world as a really free place where anyone, even a kid without a cent having the means of becoming president when he grows up is quite a long shot. Yet it is not impossible if you think about it in an imaginative manner.

And besides the Latino vote would probably increase to twice its current size by 2030, so the audacity of hope could work out just fine provided people kept their fingers crossed and slowly but steadily voted for their chosen representatives.  


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