Rock Hudson’s Secret Gay Life revealed

Rock Hudson's Secret Gay Life revealed

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Rock Hudson’s true love, Lee Garlington, reveals his secret gay life on his death anniversary.

Lee Garlington dated Rock Hudson from 1962 to 1965. He talks about his secret relationship with Rock Hudson with the People Magazine. Lee knew Rock Hudson very well and he decided to speak with the magazine as the Rock’s 30th anniversary of his death from AIDS approaches.

Lee met with Rock Hudson on one of the movies. Lee was an extra on a movie in which Rock Hudson was starring. Lee said that he was one of the biggest movie stars back then and there were rumors circulating that Rock Hudson was actually gay.

Lee thought to himself that he was going to get an eye on him. He said that he used stand outside the cottage on the Universal lot. Lee Garlington pretended that he was reading the Variety paper.

Lee said that he walked out and down the street. Rock Hudson looked back once and then that was it. Lee broke up with his boyfriend and then suddenly one day he got a call from one of Rock Hudson’s friends.

His friend said that Rock Hudson wanted to meet him. Lee said that he was very afraid and intimidated by Hudson. The main reason was because he was such a big movie star and the fact that he was very big in size.

Rock Hudson was 6’4’’. Lee Garlington said that nothing happened on the first meeting but they decided that they were going to start dating. Lee said that he would come over after work and then spend the night over at Rock Hudson’s place and then he would leave the next morning.

Lee used to sneak out of Rock Hudson’s house at 6am in his Chevy Nova. He said that he used to coast down the street without turning on the engine of his car so that the neighbors wouldn’t hear him.

Lee believed that they both were being very careful and clever. Both of them weren’t paranoid about the people finding out. Both of them used to take female dates to their movie premiers. 


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