Sam Simon,The Simpsons Co-Creator, passes away at 59

Sam Simon,The Simpsons Co-Creator, passes away at 59

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Sam Simon, one of the co-creators of The Simpsons, passed away at the age of 59 due to cancer. Sam was a great animal lover and philanthropist.

He was one of the co-creators, alongside Matt Groening and James L. Brooks, of The Simpsons. The Simpsons began as a series of cartoon sketches with dialogue on another show before it really took off in the early 90s. Sam Simon contributed heavily to the show and saw its ratings go sky high.

In 1993 he departed from the agreement with his partners due to creative differences. Yet he was given his share of the royalties from the show and they amounted to millions of dollars per year. Soon Sam Simon was a rich man with oodles of cash.

He spent most of it in humanitarian efforts. And since he was an animal lover, Sam took to providing succor to abused and abandoned animals. A chapter of PETA was named in his honor. Today he is no longer amongst us.

Sam was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2012. After three long and painful years of battling the disease, he finally left this world for the next. One of his colleagues, Al Jean, said that he was a genius and that everything he had learnt had been courtesy of Sam Simon. 

Towards the end of his life Sam was even reaching out into rescuing whales and marine wildlife conservation. He had a truly warm heart and even set up an organization for providing free vegan meals for the hungry and destitute.

Sam was a vegetarian himself and remained steadfastly against any form of cruelty to animals. He was not only a cartoonist but a writer as well with a solid degree under his belt. And it was Sam who gave The Simpsons with the underachiever Bart and beer-guzzling Homer there feel and homely touch.

When you think of The Simpsons, America’s first animated dysfunctional family comes to mind. The program got such high ratings that it made Sam a lot of money from which he funded his passions which were the ethical treatment of animals and Nature preservation.

He was an inveterate lover of the Great Outdoors and liked to lend a helping hand here and there. Sam was married to an actress and a Playboy playmate in succession but he never had any children. A wonderful person who made a dent in the universe, Sam will be truly missed by his near and dear ones. /4/his soul rest in peace.     


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