Sony is working on Self-Driving Cars?

Sony is working on Self-Driving Cars?

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  • Sony is planning to Dabble in Driverless Vehicles

Sony is planning to dabble in driverless vehicles in the same manner as Google and Apple Incorporated. This is a new direction for Sony.

Sony is on to image sensors among its new experiments in truthful technology. These have helped rake in the profits for Sony. As specialized products, image sensors are the mainstay of Sony. While it has yielded the prime spot to Apple and Samsung in case of some other products, in the instance of image sensors, it remains the market favorite.

The wonderful world of vehicles are the next step for Sony though. After investing about a hundred million Yen in ZMP, a group which makes android cars, Sony wants to create self-driving vehicles, according to Financial Times.

Both Sony’s image sensors and ZMP’s talent pool are going to go into the mix that is this new venture. From the start of next year until the year 2030, this decade and a half will see growth in matters of vehicular design and function.

While smart phones sell in the billions, vehicles are being purchased in the millions. A total of about a dozen cameras could be installed on driverless cars. Sony will hopefully make its contribution to the world’s expanding and burgeoning economy that is undergoing rapid integration and reshuffling.  

Apple is designing its own electric car.

While Sony has been sluggish in its entry into the future automotive market, the giant firm will probably speed up its progress to cover up for the time wasted. The real crux is fitting the image sensing cameras in such a perfectly omniscient manner on the cars that they lead to an automatic and seamless driving experience that is cybernetic and cyborg-like in its nature.

Move over Apple and Google, for Sony is going to put the screws on the self-driving schemata. And it is playing for keeps. The cars it wants to construct from scratch will have marvelous interiors and magnificent exteriors. They will be truly futuristic consumer durables that will wow the techno-freaks of tomorrow.

Like the novel market for wearables, the driverless vehicles of the future are a red hot arena of contention and competition. This is indeed a hypermarket that is an open bonanza just waiting to be discovered and cultivated by the industrial and high tech behemoths.

After everything from HD TVs to super-smart phones and VR devices flooding the stores and providing alternative experiences for consumers, Sony has definitely made a bold move by forcing its way through into the self-driving vehicle field. 


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