Suge Knight Hit and Run Victim had No Guns – Video

Suge Knight Hit and Run Victim had No Guns - Video

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  • Suge Knight’s Hit-And-Run Video Goes Viral

Some new evidence that has turned up /4/further complicate the Suge Knight hit and run murder case. It seems the victims /4/have been carrying weapons thus lending credibility to Suge’s claim that he fleed the scene out of fear for his own life.

Some novel facts have surfaced since Suge Knight’s hit and run trial began. Suge has been implicated for the murder of Terry Carter and the attempted murder of Cle Bone Sloan. Cle was the security guard on the set of Straight Outta Compton which was being shot at the location of a burger joint.

Suge arrived on his truck and immediately it could be seen in the CCTV footage that Cle attempted to attack him through the window of his truck. That was when Suge backed up his truck at the speed of light and ran over Terry Carter, another man, who was killed instantly by being run over by the truck. TMZ posted Suge Knight’s full video of fatal hit and run.

The scene of Terry being overwhelmed by the heavy duty truck is so horrific that it had to be censored during the court trial. Cle meanwhile was knocked over twice by the retreating truck. As Cle was lying hurt on the roadside, a person approached him and took what Cle’s lawyers say was a walkie talkie from his hands.

But Suge’s lawyer claims that it was a gun. But Suge Knight’s vicitims told TMZ that they had no guns. Even if it was a walkie talkie, why would a hurt man need to hand over a device to another man when he was in dire need of assistance himself. 

Whatever the case might be, further proof that shows that we always need to hear both sides of the story lies in the evidence from Terry’s family. When his daughter arrived on the scene later on and retrieved his kit from his car, she found that his gun was not there at all.

Thus he too must have been carrying an assault weapon. This again goes in favor of Suge Knight. Suge is no angel though. The burly man who co-founded Death Row Records has been in one too many conflicts and is guilty of aggression many times in his past.

But this time his actions /4/have cost him more than he had bargained for. While Suge’s lawyer reiterated the fact that Suge was afraid that they were going to kill him or at least harm him, the prosecution is not convinced.

They claim that he ran over the two men on purpose. They also say that he could have easily made a straightforward getaway. Who is right and who is wrong will be something which is decided only after a lot of sifting through the relevant evidence and hearing of witness’s testimonies by the concerned judge.   

Watch below Suge Knight’s Full video of fatal hit and run.

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