The Bachelor 2015 Finale: Chris Soules chooses Whitney Bischoff

The Bachelor Finale: Chris Soules chooses Whitney Bischoff

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  • Chris Soules brings the finale of “The Bachelor” to an end by choosing Whitney Bischoff

The season 19 of the show The Bachelor came to an end when Chris Soules proposed Whitney Bischoff over Becca Tilley after a family date.

It came down to the final two from potential 30 women that were in contention to become the wife of the Iowan farmer Chris Soules in the 19th installment of the hit show “The Bachelor”. Over two months, Chris came close to all the women in search of one woman that he could see himself sharing a future with.

After a lot of roses and a lot of hearty and teary disappointed goodbyes, it came down to the San Diego chiropractic assistant Becca Tilley and the Chicago’s fertility nurse Whitney Bischoff. Both the ladies had different things to offer and Chris admits he lost some nights of sleep while he thought hard about who might be the right one. 

To make up his mind a little, the opinion of his family came into consideration as both the girls met with his family at their farm in Arlington, Iowa. Becca talked to Chris’s family and they assessed her on the basis of her commitment to Chris and the family. Becca told them that she wasn’t willing to move from San Diego until she was absolutely sure about whether she wanted to be with Chris.

She admitted that she really liked Chris but she wasn’t yet at the point where she was in love with him. Whitney on the other hand met with the family and was right at home with them. She talked about seeing herself starting her family at the farm. It came as no surprise when Chris’s father declared that Whitney was a natural fit for the family but he also admitted that he knew Becca was the one Chris really wanted to be with.

The ball was in Chris’s court once more before he could make his final decision and he saw the women one last time on the farm. Becca sttod by her statement when she admitted it to him that she really liked him. She wasn’t in love with him and that made her uncertain about uprooting her set life to be with him. When he asked her if she saw them having a future, she replied that she wasn’t absolutely sure.

On the other hand Whitney came out honestly about how she felt about Chris. She told him that she loved him and she could not wait to start a family with him on the farm. She was sure that they had a bright future ahead. Whitney’s honesty and straightforwardness was a contrast compared to Becca’s uncertainty. 

When the time came for Chris to make his decision he gave thorough consideration to everything the women have had to say. At the end Whitney’s commitment weighed over Becca’s confusion. When Becca walked in a long red dress, he told her that she was unsure about them and she was unwilling to actually give their relationship a fair shake. He wanted to be with her really but his love for her was not reciprocated. She was not the girl for him and he escorted her out to the car and said good bye. Becca confessed that she was shocked about Chris’s decision but she wasn’t going to cry.

Back at the farm, Chris took position again as Whitney came in in a long black dress. As she stood before him, she told him It has all boiled down to right here, right now. … From the very beginning I’ve just known. I love you so much,” This time, Chris replied to her “I love you. Everything about this moment feels right.”  

As he came forward and got down on his knee, ring in his hand and asked her to marry him. Whitney said yes of course as Chris picked her up in his arms. Whitney decidedly admitted to being the happiest girl in the entire world. That was all folks. Chris and Whitney are starting their relationship and /4/they have a happy one as another season of “The Bachelor” came to a close. 


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