There is The Rock amidst all turmoil in San Andreas

There is The Rock amidst all turmoil in San Andreas
  • 2nd Official Trailer of San Andreas is Here.

The Rock plays a chopper rescue pilot who is caught in the biggest earthquake and tsunami to save his daughter’s life from the east coast of California.

The Rock has been a name known for its rocking and unique charm. Dwayne Johnson, rarely known as such since his days in the WWE ring, he has forged his name in Hollywood as well and we see a dedicated and hardworking actor who has been recognized to have a work ethic and warm heart towards his co-actors. 

His newest role has been an emotional and physical rigor. The 42 years old actor stars as a chopper rescue pilot Ray who sees the destruction of the Californian coast disintegrate before his eyes. He rescues his ex-wife played by Carla Guigino and the couple later rescue their daughter played by Alexandra Daddario. 

The official trailer for the movie was released last night on You Tube and a clip was also featured on The Rock’s official Facebook page. The trailer is the depiction of all the excitement and thrill that could be anticipated from the movie. Dwayne Johnson shows some extreme emotions as he encourages his estranged ex-wife Carla Guigino who shows some bad-ass courage and jumps to grab his hand. Paul Giamatti predicts that the natural disasters to come would be of magnanimous magnitude. The earth would break apart and all that were there had better get out and those who didn’t then “God be with them”.

One of the stuck people on the island is Ray’s daughter played by Alexandra Daddario. Ray and his ex-wife head to San Andreas to rescue their daughter and anyone whom they can save as the earthquake hits. As the events continue to happen, the family tries to head out on a boat as the tsunami waves head towards the island.  

The film was shot in three months last year beginning with two months in the Gold Coast and finishing up with a brief stint in San Francisco. Dwayne said about the movie that their goal was to make a movie that was highly entertaining, yet weighted with quality from years of work and research. He was happy that they did it. They achieved that balance that justified in depicting the biggest earthquake to hit the east coast. 

This is not the only film Dwayne Johnson would be starring in this year. He would be reprising his role as Luke Hobbs in the seventh installment of the Fast and The Furious series “Fast 7’. He will also feature in the HBO original series Bailers later this year. It will be a thrilling year for the actor as he hopes and promotes San Andreas.    

Watch below 2nd official trailer of San Andreas.


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