Uber CEO Charged with Illegitimate Business Practice in South Korea

Uber CEO Charged with Illegitimate Business Practice in South Korea

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The CEO of taxi service Uber has been charged with illegitimate business practice in South Korea.

South Korean law officials have charged the Uber CEO with carrying out some unlawful activities within the south east Asian nation. The taxi jobs he had founded in the progressive society were not in accordance with the laws of the land.

There were hitches and certain loopholes that he had managed to overcome and now that he had been literally caught in the act with his pants down, it was payback time. Travis Kalanick, who was the original founding father of Uber, also happened to be the CEO of MK Korea.

Another person named only as Lee was equally guilty of malpractice alongside Kalanick. The law lines that had been trespassed had to do with passenger transport. What was banned was made to operate freely thus flouting the law.

But now that the screws had been put to Kalanick’s business ethic (or rather unethicality) things were about to change for the better. The local taxi drivers had been hit hard by this foreign interference in their trade.

They had congregated and protested in anger over the injustice. The application used by Uber had been disrupting the local practice. And now it had gotten its comeuppance. 

It is well known that such a violation carries a sentence of up to two years behind bars. It is yet to be seen whether Kalanick and Lee will be serving their respective jail periods.

Started in 2009, Uber uses mobile technology to hook up needy passengers with service-giving taxi drivers. Over 250 cities in over 50 countries worldwide have this amenity. Indeed it is a very popular and useful application.

However, now it is facing some stiff competition and opposition from disgruntled local taxi drivers who hold grudges against the technological innovation that is eating away at their meager business.

The Seoul authorities brought in Kalanick for some serious questioning. It is still not known what the result will be of this violation. After all, while virtually everyone thinks global, we are at the same time supposed to act local.

And when someone from  a foreign provenance tries to interfere in local customs so blatantly as the CEO of Uber had done, there are bound to be consequences. You cannot have smoke without fire and how can you make omelets without breaking eggs.

Thus while his actions /4/seem a bit harmless on their own, they did effect the local climate of the South Koreans. And for that he is definitely answerable.  

Source: Yonhap News

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