Users can replace batteries on the Apple Watch

Users can replace batteries on the Apple Watch

The ability to extend the watch’s battery’s lifespan has settled the issue of obsolescence to some extent

Yesterday’s event has left many Apple fans wondering over the price of the luxury Apple Watch and whether it is worth all that money in the end. The regular sports watch version of the Apple Watch starts at $349 but the surprise takes a toll at the whopping price tag of $17,000 for the 18-karat gold Edition which sits at the top of the line. So what was Apple really thinking? Would people be willing to spend thousands of dollars on a gadget which would most likely become old school within the next year or two?

In regards to this, there is one thing however which is not a permanent affair in the watch – the battery. As it appears, the battery is replaceable and users will be able to extend its lifespan as confirmed by the company’s spokesman while talking to TechCrunch. But getting your batteries changed from Apple might also be an expensive affair.

This has probably settled the battery issue for some but the major obsolescence issue remains with the processor which is more important that the battery life. Apple of course hasn’t given any guarantees as yet about whether the processor of the Apple Watch is going to get any upgrades in the future or not. It is quite reasonable for us to believe right now that the company might offer some internal upgrades to the owners of the more premium versions since they have spent the most.

Coming back to the battery longevity, it is more dependent on the limitations of usage and the fitness part of the sports watch version is the most power hungry and this explains why it is also the cheapest and will be easily upgraded completely without any regrets. The luxury variant on the other hand is probably not going to be used for the fitness sake as we are quite sure the owners of a watch costing $17,000 wouldn’t want to sweat on it.



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