Three French Sports Stars killed in Argentina Helicopter Crash

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Three French Olympians were among those found dead in an Argentinean helicopter mishap. The tragic accident has left the world of sports bereft of three very bright and active souls.

The total number of casualties were ten. And three of them were Olympians hailing from France. This is the second such accident to occur in two years. The helicopter crashed thus putting an end to the lives of ten people.

Camille Muffat, the swimming champion, Florence Arthaud, a master yachtswoman, and Alexis Vastine, a pugilist were among those who lost their lives. Two helicopters slammed into each other in mid-flight thus leading to destruction and so many deaths.

It was a sad day for French sportsmen and sportswomen everywhere. The mysterious collision took place in the La Rioja region near the Andes. What exactly led to the blunder remains unclear. The French President sent his condolences to the families of the deceased.

“The sudden death of our compatriots is an immense sadness,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said in a statment. “The whole of France is in mourning.”

Among the casualties besides the Olympians /4/be included the two helicopter pilots and many members of a television company who happened to be on board too. The loss of the trio of champions was a big blow to the French national psyche though. Such talent is rare to come by.

Especially Florence Arthaud was a very competent female yachtswoman and held the record for crossing the Atlantic in a jiffy. She will be dearly missed by her family and friends. The TV company to which the crew belonged has also suspended shooting for an undisclosed period of time in honor of the souls of the deceased. 

The accident came as a complete shocker to the French media. The whole program was to drop off the contestants in the wilderness to fend for themselves and find their way back to civilization. This is the second such mishap in two years to have happened to a set of people belonging to the selfsame television company.

Two years back, the physician administering to a contestant who died of heart pain, committed suicide. Many stars from the sports world have reached out to send in their messages of grief beyond relief.

They admit that it is a very depressing event that has occurred and comforted the relatives and families of those who through no fault of their own had wound up dead. There was not a single person who made it alive and well out of this accident which is indeed cause for remorse and regret. 

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