Harry Potter’s Sidekick and Secret Admirer who achieved Separate Name and Fame for Her Self in this World which is Samsara…

Emma Watson Profiled

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Emma Watson Profiled

A Fresh White Rose of a Beauty that shows all the Signs of having reached a Level of Maturity way Beyond the Ordinary…


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Emma Watson ProfiledEmma Watson ProfiledEmma Watson Profiled

Full Name

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

Date of Birth

15th April, 1990 (Great changes were taking place on a global level when Emma Watson was born).


Paris, France (Ah! That is the same place where all the beautiful people and the jet setters go when they have nothing better to do.)

Famous for Following which Field

Screen Senorita and Manic Model (she has the acting chops and the smoldering looks to make hearts and loins melt in unison). 

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A Few Facts at a Glance…

Emma is an Englishwoman alright. Although she was born in Paris, her roots lie with John Bull. She looks like the perfect English ma’am complete with perambulator and parasol in public. She began her life’s purpose by appearing in the Harry Potter Series. That of course was a venture that has a whole story behind it. J.K. Rowling was a struggling writer who hit it big by having her books on the magic arts published one after the other. 

Soon Harry Potter got a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records for its extreme popularity among kids and even adults. And Emma was right there in the center of the razzmatazz as Harry’s sidekick. Her persona on the series is as Hermione Granger. She along with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint formed the central trio in the series. 

Besides earning several accolades for her achievements, she has also amassed a fortune in the process. Ten million pounds is the money that Emma has in her bank accounts.  She has also made a modeling debut for Burberry and been dubbed as impeccable and the sexiest movie star. Emma has a look of incredible beauty that can make nine out ten boys fall in love with her and the tenth would go ahead and shoot him self in the head if she refused to love him back. 

Her roles in two important movies “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and “Noah” have won Emma great acclaim. In the second movie she is with Russell Crowe. It is a very realistic and concrete movie. 

Life Story…

She was born in Paris, the city of Freedom, Food and Fragrances! Her parents were both English lawyers. She lived there till five years of age. And then mom and pop separated leaving a confused yet bitter Emma who resolved to be tough-minded about it all. She spent her time shuttlecocking between her mom and dad. She still can speak broken French which she remembers from the days she spent in Paris. 

She later on shifted to Oxford and decided that she wanted to be an actress. So it was singing, dancing and the other performing arts for her from there onwards. She even took part in a school play titled The Happy Prince. But it was not until her debut in Harry Potter that she hit a stride in fame that would take her to the top in matters of publicity and popularity. Her performance in the first Harry Potter film got rave reviews. Critics said that she had made magic happen and literally stolen the show from everyone else. From the Philosopher’s Stone to the Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban not to mention Goblet of Fire…it was indeed a tour de force. Finally, with the Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince there was a feeling that too much of something is bad.    

So…Emma Watson decided to improvise and widen her domain. She chose roles in Perks of Being a Wallflower and Noah. Her various forays into different genres have only benefited her and led to some solid entertainment (and eye candy) for millions of her fans. Emma also got a chance at modeling which turned out to really bring out the inner beauty in this sylph of a girl. She appeared as Woman of the Year in GQ in the year 2013. Emma is the official face behind Burberry and she has appeared in Vogue and Cosmopolitan not to mention People Magazine. She is a regular feature in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women List.  

However, Emma is not just a mindless actress or an airhead. Oh no! She has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Her parents saw to it that she got a well-rounded education that polished her personality even more. And she is a yoga and meditation teacher to boot. Boy, this girl has definitely got talent in the scads!

And as if that was all not enough, she has become UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Emma is a fighter for the rights of females all over the world. Two Cheers for this Championista of Chiquitas! 


  • The Harry Potter Series (a total of over 8 different episodes)
  • Ballet Shoes
  • The Tale of Despereaux
  • My Week with Marilyn
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • This is the End
  • The Bling Ring
  • Noah
  • Regression

List of Awards Emma Watson Won

  • Young Artist Award
  • Phoenix Film Critics Society Award
  • National Movie Award
  • Capri Art Film Festival Award
  • People’s Choice Award (Emma won 2 till now)
  • MTV Movie Award (Emma won 2 till now)
  • San Diego Film Critics Society Award (Emma won 2 till now)

  • Teen Choice Award (Emma won 4 till now)

Quotable Quotes…

  • Emma prefers plaits to pigtails. That is just her sense of style in matters of hair care. 
  • She never wanted to be a plastic action figure because that would mean that young children would choke on her plastic parts which they would probably chew off and try to spit out of their mouths. 
  • Emma doesn’t like kissing her colleagues on screen. That would be too explicit for a lady of her age. 
  • She believes in Girl Power. And that is what her character Hermione on Harry Potter is all about. 
  • She is not one to become too big headed. Rather, Emma wants to lead a grounded life where she has a nice time with family and friends. 
  • And finally, she absolutely loves stylish clothes and accessories. They portray to the outer world what you like to show in terms of personality and persona. 

That’s Emma Watson for You!

The Girl makes Men go Gaga even more than Lady Gaga!

A Minute of Silence for this Mint Julep of a Screen Siren!



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